It's in the Merrimack Valley that you begin to appreciate the scale of the State of New Hampshire. Although the state is nearly 200 miles from north to south and varies in width from just a few miles at the Canadian border to about 100 miles at the Massachusetts/ New Hampshire state line, New Hampshire is just small enough that the individual's voice can be heard. At 400 members, the New Hampshire legislature is the fourth largest deliverative body in the world, with each of its members answering to about 3,100 citizens. It meets in the Capital, Concord, which along with its nearest neighbors, Manchester and Nashua, is the hub for business, finance and industry.

Nashua was cited in 1987 and 1997 as the best place to live in America by Money Magazine. In addition, INC. Magazine has rated Nashua as one of the best places to start a business - as evidenced by the many high tech and manufacturing companies located here.

In addition, the Nashua area offers historic sites, museums, shopping and nightlife. Revitalized downtown Nashua sports brick sidewalks, sidewalk cafes, a new martini/ tapas bar, a jazz bar, a cooking shop, and new, unique stores opening all the time.

A few miles from the center you can find yourself in some of the most peaceful and scenic countryside in the state.

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